Diving Instructor Courses on Koh Tao

Zero To Hero Dive Instructor Internship Package

We have created a Zero to Hero Dive Instructor Internship Package that takes you from an inexperienced or non-diver to an experienced Dive Instructor. Many successful diving instructors have joined our Zero to Hero Dive Instructor Internship Package at Sairee Cottage Diving and they are all now successfully working in the dive industry all around the world.

Zero To Hero Dive Instructor Internship Package Thailand


The benefits of a Zero to Hero Dive Instructor Internship Package is that each dive course you do remains fresh in your mind and you easily remember the PADI standards going from one PADI course to the next. Many people that take breaks in between their PADI Dive courses forget these PADI standards and in many cases start adopting bad habits. This happens especially when people take a break after the PADI Divemaster course or when people take work as a PADI Divemaster to get more experience. In many cases it is easier for people to complete the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) when they take our Zero to Hero Dive Instructor Internship Package.

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Koh Tao Dive Instructor Internship Experience

Gain a lot of Experience

One of the best things about Koh Tao in Thailand is the continuous stream of scuba diving students that come to the island in order to take dive courses. This gives you a unique opportunity to get a lot of Professional-level dive experience in a much shorter time than in most places in the world. Even better is the teaching experience that you will receive during your PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) Dive Instructor Internship. During this Internship you will be team-teaching real-life PADI Dive Students, certifying at least 25 of them in both smaller and larger-sized groups during the PADI Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver and even Divemaster courses.

Change Your Life

So if you have ever asked yourself what it would be like to change your career and live on a tropical Island then this is your chance to make it happen: Zero to Hero Dive Instructor Internship Package with, Sairee Cottage Diving.

Best Islands To Live And Work Koh Tao

Depending on your current level of dive certification, the Zero to Hero Dive Instructor Internship Package can take from 4 to 8 months. The reason for this is that PADI has a rule that you have to wait 6 months between your Open Water Diver certification (the first PADI course) and the start of the IDC (Dive Instructor course). This means that the Zero to Hero Dive Instructor Internship Package will take 8 months in total if you are not a certified diver. If you are already an Open Water Diver or even higher then the Zero to Hero Dive Instructor Internship Package takes a much shorter time and can be done in around 4 months.

Duration Diving Courses

  • PADI Open Water Diver – 4 days
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver – 2 days
  • Emergency First Responder (EFR) – 1 day
  • PADI Rescue Diver – 3 days
  • PADI Divemaster – 6 weeks
  • PADI IDC Course – 17 days
  • PADI MSDT Course – 6 days
  • Dive Instructor Internship – 6 weeks

The Zero to Hero Dive Instructor Internship Package Includes

  • PADI Course Manuals
  • Divemaster Crew Pack
  • PADI IDC Crew Pack
  • EFR Instructor Manual
  • Go Pro Divemaster T-Shirt
  • Go Pro IDC T-Shirt
  • IDC Mask Strap
  • Free Lunch during the IDC
  • Free Emergency O2 Provider Instructor Course
  • Free Preparation Course
  • Extended Lectures
  • Job Placement Training
  • Extra Dive Instructor teaching tools

All Inclusive Dive Instructor IDC Package

Sairee Cottage Diving Zero to Hero Dive Instructor Internship Package Prices:

Starting from PADI Open Water Diver: 158,600 THB

Duration: 8 months

Starting from PADI Advanced Open Water Diver: 148,830 THB

Starting from PADI Rescue Diver: 140,330 THB

Starting from PADI Divemaster: 127,460 THB

Duration: 4 to 5 months

The PADI fees

Divemaster = 196 AUD
OWSI Instructor = 249 AUD
EFR Instructor = 172 AUD
Instructor Exam (IE) = 865 AUD
Specialty Instructor = 99 AUD per Specialty rating (minimum 5)
MSDT = 134 AUD

These PADI fees need to be paid by credit card to PADI on completion of the Divemaster, IDC and MSDT Course.

After this package you can take the PADI IDC Staff Instructor course if you are aiming to become a PADI Master Instructor or PADI Course Director.

Dive Equipment

Start your new dive career straight away with a brand new set of Professional Dive Gear. We are proud to present the Diving Instructor Silver and Gold Dive Equipment Packages that include everything you need to start your career in the best way possible.

During our PADI Diving Instructor Course (IDC), Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) and Dive Instructor Internship course, we offer to use our dive shop equipment for free. Except for a Dive Knife, SMB, Whistle, Compass and a Torch is only needed for MSDT. These items you can purchase here, if needed. However it will always be more comfortable and convenient to have your own diving equipment; and if you want to work in the dive industry, staff have to have their own kit as a rule in nearly all dive companies.

At Sairee Cottage Diving we offer 2 packages to suit different budgets:

  1. The Silver Dive Equipment Package – a very affordable way to kick-start your new adventure for 53865 THB
  2. The Gold Dive Equipment Package for those who want more luxurious and high-end dive equipment for 73925 THB

We also offer separate Scuba Pro Wetsuits and Suunto Dive Computers. Please contact us if you would like to add anything in particular. If you book online we will give you an extra 15% discount on these package prices and you can always change items here on arrival if you want.

IDC Silver Equipment Package

IDC Silver Equipment Package

IDC Gold Equipment Package

IDC Gold Equipment Package

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